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Written & Published by Natasha Sinclair. 2018

A starkly emotional account from a NICU Mother on her daughters fight for life and often turbulent journey through NICU after being born suddenly at just 25 weeks into pregnancy.
Giving a uniquely raw insight into life as a parent in the NICU. This story offers support for families and their supporters as they find their own way through their premature journeys as well as being a must read for a glimpse into this highly medicalised world through a parents eyes.

Written & Published by Natasha Sinclair. 2018

This set of three short stories, although separate, are deeply entwined. Rebecca is the character at the centre of all three, which are told from very different points in her life. In Each story Rebecca takes her own life.

This trio focus purely on the harrowing and tragic act of death by suicide. Intimately portrayed in unavoidable, emotional and horrific detail.

Although a work of fiction, each story gives an insight into some of the thoughts and feelings that could trigger an individual to decide to take their own life. It is rarely, if ever, a snap decision nor is it a simple one.

Written by Andrew Taylor. Published by Natasha Sinclair. 2019

With plenty of vibrant and moody satire humour from a distinctive Scottish voice.

This collection is sure to intrigue and entertain. Each piece offers something truly different to the reader’s pallet.
A unique collection of short stories and musings on; Politics, Life, Capitalism, Travel, Drink, Society and much more. All this interestingly woven together by threads of a modern-day ‘Drunk Love Story.’

Pick up your poison and enjoy, The Whisky Stories.

Various Contributors. Published by Natasha Sinclair. 2019

Three Scottish writers, each with their own distinct approach to storytelling have created ten wonderfully diverse shorts for this first Concoction Anthology.

With each story born of a single word prompt; Flesh, Blood, Bone and Haunted. The results are as gritty as they are captivating. Loaded with teasing elements of horror, gore, fantasy and dark humour.
These contents are certainly not for the faint of heart.

Within this cocktail, you’ll experience an apocalyptic adventure of rediscovery, a drug trip, werewolf transformation, casual sex in the city, a peek inside the funeral business and some hard truths.
By diving in to this Concoction, you may just find that something unexpected to tickle your taste-buds.

Written & Published by Natasha Sinclair. 2019

This is a small eclectic collection of poems, drabbles and shorts.

If you’re looking for inspirational poetry, words of deep wisdom, even good poetry, this book is probably not for you.

The contents are inspired by various topics including; mental ill health, relationships, lust, consumerism, commercialisation, veganism, family, death, politics and history.